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Welcome to Ski Togs

Ski Togs is a leading skiwear hire service provider for schools, individuals and families. Over 15 years, Ski Togs has gained a reputation as a convenient and well-stocked skiwear specialist, both for hire and sales. Originally based in Acton, West London, and now in Oxfordshire, our core customers remain schools, young families and first-timers, for whom we provide experienced and friendly advice and a one-stop shop for all the essentials. We retain our London connections through our schools and internet-based services.

Our Hire Ranges

We have an extensive hire range  in many different styles covering all ages and sizes, from toddlers to extra large men:

  • Jackets at £22
  • Trousers at £18
  • Helmets at £12 and £14
  • Double lens goggles to fit adult and junior at £10
  • Snow boots at £12 and £16

Ski Togs Online Store

We divide all our stock by hire or buy but you can combine both in a single order.
The two main categories are below.
We also have two levels of shipping, £10 delivery for all sales only orders, and £20 for delivery and return for hire orders.
We also ask you add the hire dates to the order when you make any hire order so that we know when you will need the goods.
Enjoy shopping for your ski trip!

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Our Showroom

We have a showroom conveniently situated near Oxford off the main A415 road between Abingdon and Witney. As this is an annexe off our own home we are able to offer very competitive pricing and friendly, expert advice when you book an appointment with us. For directions and details, please see the contact page.

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